A small collection of paintings I did in 2023 for a college painting class.
digital sketches
I did these a few years back to practice painting digitally. Each was done for a daily sketch group.
Marker works that didn't end up in any of my Artist Trading Card packs.
tmnt pack
This pack contains some of the first works I made in 2013 that kicked off things for me professionally as an artist.
horror pack
I love horror movies. So, of course, I had to draw some up and put them in a card pack.
animal pack
A cute card pack of some animals I've drawn.
food pack
A card pack of food. What more could you want?
videogames pack
My take on a few of my favorite videogames.
star wars pack
A Star Wars pack containing a few of my favorite characters.
star wars addon pack
Made this pack when the new Star Wars movies came out. Smaller card pack sold as an addon to the larger pack.
marvel pack
Marvel has been a part of my life since I was little. This is a pack of some of my favorites.
dc pack
I'm not *as* big of a DC fan, but these are a few that I do love.
heroes pack
This pack contains heroes from multiple universes. I made this because I had an overflow of hero Artist Trading Cards. What can I say...I love superheroes.
hero garb pack
I had an idea to draw Artist Trading Cards that focused almost entirely on superhero outfits. These were fun.
nostalgia pack
Everyone loves a hit of nostalgia. Enjoy.
cult classics
A few of my favorite cult classics of all time.
Some creatures that don't really fit in any other pack.
believe in magic
This pack is based on fandoms that have a strong focus on magic use.
doctor who pack
I discovered Doctor Who much later in life than I care to admit. But once I did...I fell deeply in love.
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